how to choose your ice cream

how to choose your ice cream

how to choose your ice cream

Everyone has their own preferences:

how choose your ice cream Some eat ice creams only at sea. Others reserve the right to dessert in a restaurant. There are connoisseurs who are only willing to eat boutique ice creams. There are those who choose a certain taste. (“chocolate or nothing”)others that all ice cream wherever – in all flavors and textures, at home and abroad. are good and tasty.
Ice cream is a source of energy and contributes. to the sense of satiety and therefore suitable for consumption between meals. The fat in it inhibits the absorption of sugar (which also comes from the ice cream) in the body.

In addition, it is a source of other important components.The protein and calcium on the dairy ice cream comes from the milk cream or milk powder

Sometimes the ice cream is fortified with Vitamin D, which helps in calcium absorption. In fat-free ice creams, you can find dietary fibers to help you get a texture similar to that of the fatty tissue. In other ice creams, you can find fruit.

Nutritional concerns:

The variety of ice cream is enormous, and therefore the nutritional choice, in addition to choosing the taste, is difficult and complex. When you buy a packaged product (rather than a glider), it is simpler to examine its nutritional profile by reading the ingredient list and the nutritional table quickly. Let’s make an order to help make an informed choice:

ice cream Texture and Density :

One of the significant differences between ice cream and one is the density. Ice cream containing more air has a more soft texture. Premium ice creams are usually compressed, contain less air, so their texture is more difficult. Even though the volume is the same (with a spatula ), consider that more compact ice cream is more concentrated and necessarily contains more calories per ball.

Clean label:

This recommendation applies to all food products. Prefer a product where the list of components is the shortest and most understandable. Notice where the two problematic components are located: sugar and vegetable oil. We prefer that they do not appear as a first or second component.

ice creamThe size does matter:

The caloric contribution of the ice cream is high. They are tasty and refreshing and there are those among us who can consume large once (especially when eating from the family box while watching one screen or another). You must pay attention and eat an ice cream ball or two.from a cup and not directly from the box. you can notice.that there are differences between a bowl containing one or two balls from a bowl that it’s filled up. When you buy ice cream.youan start with ordering one ball (recommended in a glass and not in a cup). If you have a desire for more, you can order another ball. Many times people finish the big dish they bought just because it is available.

most of the times when you are buying your treat there are a variety of coatings on the ice cream like candy, chocolate crumbs. sliced fruit, peanut/nut chips and a selection of flavored syrups. Sometimes cookies, fruit. chocolate or syrup is part of the ice cream and not just the coating. All of these vary in dosage, but sometimes, although the quantity seems small, their caloric contribution is not negligible. In any case.the addition of fresh fruit is welcome and will sometimes reduce the amount .

ice creamFat percentage and origin:

The percentage of fat in dairy gluten is usually higher than fruit sorbetranges from 8 to 15 percent. Scribble or “sorbet” fat percentage lower. And the basis is mainly sugar. With a teaspoon of sugar, you have 20 calories, with a spoon that is more than double the fat – 45 calories. The caloric contribution of a milk ice cream will be higher.(in the furs, the source is vegetable fat). Calories are not the main thing. but those in the process of weight loss should prefer sorbet over dairy ice cream, which contributes sore calories in each ball.


This is the last part but in fact. It should be first. we recommend you always to look for the best products because we believe that.only in this way will we succeed in maintaining the right menu and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

so this how to choose your ice cream


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