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1- First, Register

  • Register button is available on the top right of your browser  to sign up 
  • Create an account: choose your username, email and password
login ice cream pro

2- Go to your email

  • to complit sign up confirm your account.
  • once you are logged in you can go and add your listing.
  • there you will find the category’s that describes your business best! 
listing category

3-select your category

  • Select  the category that describe your company the best.
  • You can signup for FREE or to upgrade your listing to the premium plans
  • there you will find the category’s that describes your business best! 

3-select your category

  • Select  the category that describe your company the best.
  • You can signup for FREE or to upgrade your listing to the premium plans 




  • Now our team will check your listing and verify that you are qualified .
  • its very important for us to make sure that our directory is free of SPAM


  • Your listing has  been approved !!!
  • Now you :
  • Strengthen Your Business Reputation.
  • Increased your Brand Awareness.
  • Expanded your Business appearance on the web. 
  • Improved your SEO .
  • part of ice cream pro community 

7-promote your listing

  • now after your sign up ice cream pro and  the listing is set up its the time to promote it for best search engine results 
  • why better results ? at the moment that your listing will generate some traffic google will understand that your listing exists 
  • How can i promote my listing ? very simple ! on your business listing you have all your social media links buttons.⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒
  • just click and share your listing. as well you can share it with your
  • whats-app in your groups, friends, family and colleagues.
  • Ask your audience to write a review on you listings ,more reviews more credibility from google  

How to Optimize Your ice cream pro Business Listing

for best performance

♦An important first step in ice cream pro directory SEO strategy after your business has  been approved.

1)General information

complete all your company general information on your dashboard . 

make sure that all information is correct  . 

That will make it easier for potential customers to find more information about your company.


Write a full description about your company and we recommend you to not write about yourself and how your company is great and the best in your category. Instead of that tell your prospect  how they can benefit if they will work with you , and the add value that your company can deliver to their organization. 

For best performance of your company description we recommend to write a minimum of 300 words description that will help ice cream pro SEO team promoting your listing on the search engine . 

yes we know its easier to copy & past the ABOUT US from your website but if you will write a new content about your organization it will be much better for you SEO (google don’t appreciate double content on the web)

Importent points for your description 

  • Highlight the unique of your business 
  • Be honest with info that you provide
  • Focus only on useful relevant content 



3)Photos and logo : 

To grab a searcher’s attention, you want to include an image in your Post

Add beautiful, high-quality images that will best represent your organization

The recommended size of pics are :

1920 x 1080 for the featured image (1200×628)

600 x 600 for the logo  

4) You Tube videos :

You tube are one of the best tools to promote your business online , and on ice cream pro directory you can add your videos on your listing .

Do you want to know more about you tube  ? click here

Remember our directory is a niche directory and we recommend you to produce a special video for your listing, where you speak directly to your prospects . 

Remember at the end people are doing business with people.

on this video show them your products,services,and what they can benefit with your company .

For best SEO performance we offer you to send us your video and we will upload it to our channel and you will get a full description with links to your website/youtube channel/ice cream pro listing .

5)social media 

You can link all social media into your listing .

Don’t forget to do so it is very important and a wonder full tool to show prospects your business reputation

6) tags 

Fulfill carefully all the relative tags of your business. that will help our search engine to show up your listing wile a prospect is looking for specify information that match your business .

If you find out that there are missing tags that can describe your business better ,you are more then welcome to contact with us and we will be happy to add those tags and help your company to have a better results on our directory .

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