Ice cream History

Ice cream History

Who does not like ice cream?

Whoever went to the street to eat ice cream?

Who has never stuck looking at an exposed ice-cream storefront or a banner ad?

  How many times have we had mouth water for seeing someone eating ice cream?

Either by this person or by the ice cream itself?

  And how many times did the question arise who was the inventor of this much-appreciated delicacy? or where did it come from?
What is the history of ice cream?

Well, this whole romantic history of this much-loved dessert has its origin (from what is believed) in ancient Persia. About 400 years before Christ, by the time around at the formation of “modern civilization.”

We can not imagine the ice cream of that time like the ones we usually eat today.

But we have more or less perception of what they were if we look at a sorbet.

Reports of these times suggest that emperors sent out runners teams to collect ice from the mountains to large cities, during the summer to delight themselves later in recipes involving a mixture of juices, Fruits and other ice flavors collected.

Only higher classes could savor this because the cost was high because due to the inability to store ice.

The Roman Empire have fallen and the geletaria recipes were forgotten in Europe. However the years go by and new innovations were made by Arabs and Chinese

that began to use milk and sugar in their composition.

The expansion of ice cream through Europe!

The beginning of the expansion of the “gelateria”.

it started in Florence itay in the 16th century after the Italian Duchess Catherine de’Medici held a contest won by Ruggeri when he made a sorbet. which was much appreciated by the court.

After the contest, Catherine de’Medici decided to take Ruggeri with her to France so he could delight the whole court of its future husband Henry II.

Ruggeri shortly afterward asked Catherine de Medici to let him return to Italy, and whoever will remain in his place is still known today as the “father of the gelato“.

It is important to point out that the revolution of this cold and appreciated dessert came after the discovery of the Americas. Which allowed the introduction of new ingredients such as teas, coffee. cocoa, and exotic fruits that until this time did not exist in Europe. Around the same time as Ruggeri’s fame knocks him down.

Another name appears in the Italian gelato, Bernardo Buontalenti (father of the gelato), an architect, sculptor and painter who worked for the court of Florence.

Spanish guests at the behest of the Grand Duke of Florence. Where he prepared cream of oranges from the region with lemon and a mixture made with milk, eggs, and ice.

Ice cream History

Ice cream arrives America!

Ice cream eventually hit the American continent in the mid-17th century.
and marketed on a large scale Making it more accessible to consumers.

However, it was still a luxury that not all classes were able to enjoy.

Only after World War I with the appearance of the electric refrigerators did enable the gelato industry to have the repercussions they have nowadays, and mass production possible.

Allowing any social class to enjoy, savor and smear with something so “simple” but so unique. Like only ice cream can be.

Ice cream is much more than a flavor or a junction of flavors is much more than creaminess and freshness.

It is love, persistence, history, emotions and more important than this.Happiness shared by all those who have passed on its history and recipes over generations. Ice cream History

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