Nonna Vespa gelataria pizzaria Maia Porto

Nonna Vespa gelataria pizzaria Maia Porto

Nonna Vespa, gelateria/pizzeria, located at the city center of Maia, Porto, Portugal.
Nonna Vespa is founded in 2019 and it brought the true gelato experience to the city.

It’s all in the color

Nonna Vespa’s quality gelato is made using only the finest, freshest ingredients. No artificial colors or additives here and colour is key. Banana should be white like the fresh fruit (not bright yellow) and pistachio a light brown. Gelato should look authentic to the color of the original ingredients

Is it 'artigianale'?

The word ‘artigianale’, meaning they make their gelato according to traditional Italian gelato methods combined with state of the art technology, will often be proudly displayed at a gelateria. That´s the way they do in Nonna Vespa.

Seasonal flavors

Like many items on food menus across Italy, gelato also follows the seasons. Watch out for fruits like peach or watermelon in the summer, and chestnut or pumpkin come the cooler months. Half the fun is seeing what’s in season, so feel free to be adventurous when deciding on your flavor.
Enjoy an orchestra of ice cream flavors for even the pickiest of palates at Nonna Vespa. With music booming in the background, painted on the walls with graffiti (which is part of a huge cultural movement in Portugal), and inside you, the flavors of gelato here reflect the melodic theme.
Here, you’ll know what it means to be ”spoiled for choice.” The display counter is a triumph of colors and flavors, from fruity to creamy to the most complex.
The classic flavors are their trademark, followed by a wide selection of other full of flavor gelatos!
At the gelato/pizza shop Nonna Vespa, traditions go hand in hand with bold experimentation.
With no artificial or natural additives, this gelato is creamy, perfectly dense, chilled, and has an authentic flavor. Also (and this is no small detail), it is light and easily digestible, even for lactose intolerants. Furthermore, specialized gelatos like gluten-free, hazel free and vegan-friendly are available to the clients.
The cornerstones of Nonna Vespa are gelato made fresh daily, natural ingredients, high-quality milk, fresh seasonal fruit. In short, the excellent quality and an equally authentic atmosphere will make you feel at home.
Their philosophy here is simple: the highest quality raw ingredients and 100% natural gelato without the use of any processed products.
The way the gelato is served at Nonna Vespa is the true gelato way: with a spatula and not a scoop. Here’s how they do it:

Step 1. Ensure the cabinet is set at the correct temperatures. At this temperature, however, some flavors may be harder to scoop than others. This is because of the pure nature of Nonna Vespa’s gelato. Milk-based flavors will always be more solid than sorbets.
Step 2. Utilizing a spatula, slice a portion of gelato from the end of the tub closest to the display opening. This is a pushing motion to dig down to reach the bottom of the tub.
Step 3. Wipe the portion of gelato onto the side of the tub and scrape it off with the side of the spatula, carefully molding the portion until it forms a ball shape.
Step 4. Gently wipe the serving from the spatula into the cup or cone.


At the Nonna Vespa you can find also oustanding artesian italian pizza , they serve the bigest pizza in the area with a real high quality click here to know more about ther pizza 

Here you can find all Nonna Vespa info

 R. Dom João Iv 362, 4470-309 Maia Porto Portugal 

Tal Revah
Local Guide
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Top quality ice cream 🍦. Amazing large variety of local produced tastes. huge 🍕 pizza with large slices. The best place for afternoon snack.
Paulo LourençoStylish interior
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Desde o decor, a simpatia dos funcionários, a qualidade tanto das Pizzas como dos gelados artesanais e acima de tudo os preços. Recomendo e de certeza que vou lá voltar!!
Jorge Pereira
Local Guide
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Excelente piza com uma massa fina e muito saborosa (comi a Fiambre e Cogumelos de 35 cm e dá bem para 2 pessoas). Foccacia também muito boa, e os gelados (sabores de bolacha Maria e de cereja) deliciosos. Irei voltar para provar outras pizas e outros sabores de gelados.
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