Creamy ice cream, unique flavors, and jaw-dropping Ice cream presentation are what you’ll find in the most renowned ice cream shop around the cities. The sweet summer season coming up soon, so we’ve put together a list of the best ice cream shops in Europe These ice cream masterminds only use the finest and quality ingredients, the perfect way to satisfy this sweet

So lets go

1Gelateria La Delizia


About Gelateria La Delizia 

Antonio Cappadonia was born in 1964 in Cerda, a small town in the Palermo area famous for the Targa Florio, where it still resides.after he graduating from the Commercial Institute

He decides to start, in his hometown, an ice cream shop with a look also at traditional sweets .

In 1993 he won the international competition at SIGEP with the gianduia taste.

In 1994 he won the regional stage of the Italian Championship with the pistachio taste

And today they have 2 shops in the city of Palermo 

How to get there


2 Geltomania

Nazre Portugal

About Geltomania 

it´s a traditional Italian gelato store where all the gelatos are handcrafted. appreciated by the innovative way of serving the traditional gelato located on Nazare, you will be surprised by the taste and view of such a beautifull place.


How to get there


3 Los Alpes

Madrid Spain

About Los Alpes

Ice cream shop founded in 1950, making authentic ice cream with natural products, offering a great variety of ice cream, slushies and horchata.
-More than 80 flavors
-Horchata and slush
-Frosts tarts
-Coffee, latte macchiato, ….
-Brownies, fartons, asteroids ….

How to get there

4 Udderlicious Ice Cream


About Udderlicious

Founded by Raj’s family in October 2013 on Upper Street in Islington
All ice cream and sorbets are all handmade in the store.
Raj’s family committed to using the best ingredients. That includes unicorn tears, cloud laughter, and vanilla… ….

How to get there

5 Pozzetto

Paris France

About Pozzetto

All hand made italian gelato 

locate in the center of the city of paris 

How to get there

6 Gelaaati Di Marco

Barcelona Spain

About Gelaaati Di Marco

Gelaaati Di MarcoHome is a made gelato shop. the preparation of gelato at Gelaaati is supervised by the gelato master Di Consiglio Marco, with many years of experience and a great passion for making homemade and traditional gelatos.

How to get there

7 Equi's Ice Cream

Hamilton Uk

About Equi’s Ice Cream

Equi’s Ice Cream has won a large number of awards due to the great quality of its products.
The Ice Cream was founded in 1922

How to get there

8 Zanoni & Zanoni

Vienna, Austria

About Zanoni & Zanoni Ice Cream

A very good place to come for those of you who need the sweet. They do also sone other sweets

The Ice Cream was founded in 1971 so you know they have a big experience and doing their best. and represent a huge amount of flavors

How to get there

9 Luka Ice Cream & Cakes

Split, Croatia

About Luka Ice Cream & Cakes


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