So there are various types of ice cream:

And on this post we will be speaking about those types of ice cream in order to you get a bit more information and knowledge about the subject.

Homemade ice cream:

Based on Cream Angels, which is the basis for many desserts is made of sugar, yolks and vanilla milk. 

This basic blend is greate because you can build many flavors and different types of ice creams like coffee, spices, cocoa, green tea and more.

The ice cream obtained from this cream reaches its peak about an hour after the preparation is finished and tends to lose texture as time passes.

Not eating it in a short time, (up to three hours after its preparation), the yolk will comes out and will turn the ice cream flavor like an omelette.

In a nutshell, prepare and eat that day. Freshness is the key word.

Artisanal ice cream:

Artisanal ice cream


Artisanal ice cream

Made by small boutique ice cream makers, using only fresh milk, fresh cream, sugars and natural ingredients.

So this is an ice cream that contains almost or only natural ingredients, without flavorings addictors.

Using much more raw materials like chocolate, vanilla beans, fruits all in their natural forms.

Industrial ice cream:

Industrial Ice Cream is produced in a continuous machine, which produces a significant amount of air.

Which means that has little raw material and plenty of air. 

Compared to artisanal ice cream, which is produced horizontally (creating a small volume of air inside the ice cream, classic gelato has about 30% air volume). 

Industrial Ice Cream have 100% times air!

The type of this ice cream is based on milk powders, artificial stabilizers and flavors.

That usually uses vegetable fat (as opposed to a boutique ice cream based on animal fats), In order to lower the price of its production.


Sorbet it´s a type of ice cream that can be described as a “jelly” made from fresh fruits, water and sugar.

Always choose fresh fruit, tasty, fragrant, in order to produce sorbet that will express the fruit qualities in the best way possible. 

Fruit rate in the mixture should be very high. Except for a lemon sorbet!

Which means 50% -60% fruit when it comes to bactrian, mango, plum and guava.

You should also consider use juicy fruits such as strawberries, berries, grapefruit and grapes.

With this you can be able to reach 100% Fruit and sugar, without adding water


It is important to balance sweetness and sourness by playing between sugar and lemon juice.

However exaggerating on the lemon juice is not pleasant, and it may change the aroma of the fruit that carries the sorbet.” 

Soaking fruit in a sugar environment helps to extract the fruit, which makes sorbet (and ice cream) more attractive.


Ice cream i composed of 42% -36% solids (all that is not water: sugar, fat, protein, fiber) and 58% -64% water (mainly milk, containing 88% water).

Try to balance the percentage of fat, sugars, solids and protein!

Optimal balance for home ice cream: 40% solids, 17% sugar, 7% animal protein (milk, cream, eggs) and 10% fat. 

If I want to make a type of ice cream with more solids you should also increase the percentage of fat, sugar and protein, and vice versa. 

You can always make a type of ice cream with less fat. 

In order to achieve that  lower the percentage of sugar, protein and solids.

It is also important to remember that every raw material that enters the ice cream behaves differently depending on its nutritional values. 

Accuracy in quantities is very important!

Calculation errors can create unbalanced ice cream.


Sugar prevents the ice cream to frozen (anti-Paris), solidifies the aromas and tastes of ice cream, and creates a creamy ice cream.

Always take in consideration the types from above it´s very important to follow those in order to create an ideal type of ice cream.


Fat provides the ice cream its creamy texture. 

An low-fat ice cream would be cold in the mouth. A very fat ice cream can wear the palate and suppress the flavors and aroma.


For you that are about to make your own made ice cream you will need:

A pot , astirrer, a sieve, a container and a container.

Make sure that you have a thermometer (simple, analog or digital) that measure at least a hundred degrees . 

Tip: When measuring the mass temperature, make sure the thermometer does not touch the bottom of the pot once its warmer on its walls.

Always mix it before you measure. 


So what it your favorite Type of Ice Cream?

Do you know others Types of Ice Cream?

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