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Why is YouTube important for you ice cream business

YouTube is one of the most viewed sites in the world and is undoubtedly the world leader in video sharing. Although over the years many sites have tried to imitate or overshadow the superiority that YouTube has been able to achieve, it is one of the most popular Web sites in the world, and for good reason. YouTube also serves as the second most popular search engine in the world (second only to Google) and also the third most viewed site after Google and Facebook.


So why should YouTube be part of your marketing strategy?

Excellent data management system
For many years YouTube has been improving its data management system and analytical reviews. By signing in to your account management page, you can get a very detailed picture of your video viewing data with highly advanced data, which is proven to be effective for site promoters as well as for teens who upload their own video. YouTube is actually collaborating with its users, the goal is to share as many original and unique views as possible, so it allows YouTube channel owners and videos to improve visibility with advanced analytics tools.

The oldest in the market

A good horse does not replace, and of course a good network for sharing video files. The YouTube network has existed since 2006, long before all the competitors, in fact it was launched in the same month as the Facebook network. Since then YouTube has undergone many upheavals, upgrades and many years of research and development that continues to take place at this very moment. There is no doubt that as a veteran in the market, it continues to innovate and diversify, and to create the competitive advantage it needs in order to keep its Internet customers. Anyone who has become accustomed to using YouTube probably will not replace his winning habit, let alone continue to deliver the goods and present the videos that are most relevant to the surfers.

YouTube appears on Google

Because YouTube is actually a Google product, Google’s search results do show video results in an impressive and high quality way. In other words, if you type certain search terms on Google and a corresponding result appears on YouTube, in the search results you can see the resulting video result.

No additional content 

One of the most powerful and prominent elements that make YouTube the most powerful video sharing network in the world is YouTube’s content filtering system. Over the years, YouTube’s advanced development team has been able to find the method that detects duplicates in video content. Although there are no robots or software that can detect the contents of video or audio files, YouTube’s content system has developed a method in which each video is given a unique identity code. This identity code is compared to the database on the video sharing network, and in cases where a duplicate video is found in the database, the copyright system starts.

Strong reference to copyright

The issue of intellectual property is an issue that can be found many times in the gray area of many countries, especially when it comes to the Internet, where there is no justice and no justice. Since its inception, and especially after its acquisition by Google, YouTube has placed a strong emphasis on the copyright of videos uploaded to the world’s largest video-sharing network. If you uploaded original content to the YouTube website, you can be sure that invalid copies will not be published on this network, and even if the uploaded content was not uploaded by you, you can request removal of it and in most cases respond positively (if the content belongs to you).

Economic value for your video assets

YouTube makes its money from advertising, only from advertising, so YouTube’s advertising system is a very powerful and financially lucrative system. If you upload watched video assets to YouTube, you can be sure you can turn your views into money. A high number of views on your videos will bring you money for them, and monetize money from advertisers who want to broadcast their ads on content related to their content world.

YouTube’s view count is far more reliable than the competition

This may be YouTube’s strongest point against its competitors, especially for advertisers, but also for surfers. One of the strongest metrics for each video uploaded to the web is the number of views. On the days when only television was a major source of media that broadcast video images in direct view, the People Meter Index was the main indicator for determining the quality of one program or another.
Not everyone knows, but YouTube only counts unique users, and does so only after thirty seconds have passed since the video was played. While other social networks and video sharing websites count a video view after three seconds or immediately after the video is clicked, YouTube makes sure to count the quality of the video. This extra attention is primarily important to advertisers who do not want to pay a lot of money for ads that are not actually viewed by web surfers who come to the relevant video page. For viewers who watch videos, the video view count often determines the quality of the video and indicates how valuable it is to watch one or another video. Even if you searched for a particular video and received two results of essentially similar videos, you’re likely to choose the one that got more views, and learn about the other’s mistakes instead of watching unnecessary videos